The Riksbank welcomes the Committee on Finance’s review of monetary policy

News The Riksdag Committee on Finance today published the report “Review of the Riksbank's monetary policy 2015-2020” by Karnit Flug, former Governor of the Bank of Israel and Patrick Honohan, former Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland.

“The review makes an important contribution to the Riksdag’s scrutiny of monetary policy. Openness and evaluation are important parts of the effort to build confidence in the Riksbank's work. We will now read the report carefully and come back with our comments in the forthcoming consultation process,” Governor Stefan Ingves said.

In June of 2020, the Committee on Finance decided to conduct an external review of the Riksbank’s monetary policy in 2015-2020. This is the Committee on Finance’s fourth such review. They are a complement to the Committee on Finance’s own annual evaluations and its open hearings with the Governor and Deputy Governors of the Riksbank.

Previous external reviews have been performed by Francesco Giavazzi and Fredric Mishkin for the period 1995-2005, by Charles Goodhart and Jean-Charles Rochet for the period 2005-2010 and by Mervyn King and Marvin Goodfriend for the period 2010-2015.

The report is available on the Riksdag’s website.

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Updated 31/03/2022