Third book in the series on Sweden’s monetary and financial history

News On 1 December, the third volume of the Riksbank's Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics project will be published.

The third volume “Banking, Bonds, National Wealth and Stockholm House Prices” presents the historical development of property prices in Stockholm, all the way back to the Middle Ages. The volume also contains an overview of the emergence of the Swedish banking sector, from the beginning of the 1700s to today. You can also read a chapter about the history of the Swedish bond market. The book also deals with the development of Swedish national wealth in a broad but in-depth review.

The book, to be published by the Riksbank together with Ekelid Publishing House (Ekelids Förlag AB), forms part of a more comprehensive project that has previously resulted in a database of historical monetary statistics which can be found on the Riksbank's website.

The editors of the book have been Rodney Edvinsson, Professor of Economic History, Stockholm University, Tor Jacobson, Senior Advisor, the Riksbank's Research Division, and Daniel Waldenström, Professor of Economics at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. In total, eleven economists have taken part in the work on the book.

The book is only available in English.

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Updated 01/12/2022