Consultation on SWESTR

News The transaction-based reference rate SWESTR can be published at 09.00 CET every Swedish banking day in the future, and the information published regarding the SWESTR transaction dataset can be increased. These are the Riksbank’s proposals in a consultation published today.

SWESTR (Swedish krona Short Term Rate) is a reference rate calculated and published by the Riksbank. It is calculated based on transactions in Swedish kronor made on the money market at the shortest maturity, that is, overnight.

The Riksbank sees a need to bring forward the publication time for SWESTR. The Riksbank therefore proposes that SWESTR shall in the future be available at 09.00 CET on the publication day.

The Riksbank also sees a need to increase the transparency with regard to the transaction dataset for SWESTR and therefore intends to publish information daily on the dispersion of interest-rate levels in the dataset. In addition, the Riksbank intends to increase the content in the quarterly Report on transaction dataset for SWESTR with information on the composition of the dataset.

Consultation responses shall be submitted to the Riksbank no later than 8 March 2023.

Contact: Press Office, tel. +46 8-7870200
Updated 15/02/2023