More difficult to exchange Swedish banknotes abroad

News The Riksbank has previously reported that we have received many queries concerning difficulties in exchanging Swedish banknotes for local currency abroad. According to the information received by Swedish banks, cash-processing companies and foreign exchange businesses, the flow of exchanged Swedish banknotes into Sweden has not stopped and Swedish banknotes are still being received from abroad.

Swedish banknotes exchanged for local currency abroad pass through a system of foreign bureaux de change, currency wholesalers and international currency traders before reaching Sweden. In Sweden, they are then processed by private cash-processing companies and banks or bank-owned companies. In other words, the problems in exchanging Swedish kronor abroad arose and take place outside Sweden’s borders in this international system of foreign exchange offices, wholesalers and traders.

The Riksbank is not involved in any currency exchange taking place abroad or in the handling of Swedish banknotes that have returned to Sweden.

If you are planning to travel abroad, alternatives to exchanging currency abroad include exchanging in Sweden or using other payment methods such as cards that work abroad.

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Updated 19/06/2023