New placement of market information on the Riksbank's website

News The content on the Riksbank's role and on what the Riksbank does on the financial markets to implement monetary policy and maintain financial stability has been repositioned on our website. Now you can find this information under the Markets heading.

What’s new?

There is a new heading in the header of the site called Markets. Under this heading there is general information about what the Riksbank does on the financial markets and how the framework for implementing monetary policy works. There is also detailed information about the Riksbank's ongoing market operations with auction terms and auction results for Riksbank Certificates and sales of government bonds. Here you will also find information about the Riksbank's holdings of securities, the management of the gold and foreign exchange reserves and the Riksbank's assets and liabilities. For the Riksbank's monetary policy counterparties there is information on terms and conditions and collateral, etc.

Market information on the Riksbank's website


Do you have questions or comments?

Our aim in this refurnishing is that it will make it easier to find this type of information. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements to the site, please contact the editorial staff.

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Updated 05/06/2023