The Riksbank’s Financial Markets Survey: Fixed income and foreign exchange markets have improved since last autumn

News The Swedish fixed income and foreign exchange markets have improved since the autumn. This is according to market participants who responded to the Riksbank’s Financial Markets Survey conducted in March.

Around half of the respondents consider that the Swedish fixed-income market is functioning well, which can be compared with around one third in the autumn survey. Several respondents mention that the Riksbank's sales of government bonds have improved liquidity in the market and that they expected to see a continued improvement going forward.

A majority think that the foreign exchange market for Swedish kronor is working well. Several participants mention that liquidity is good and that volatility has decreased since last year.


Twice per year, the Riksbank sends out a Financial Markets Survey to participants active in the Swedish foreign exchange and fixed income markets. The purpose of the survey is to gain an overall picture of participants’ views on the Swedish financial markets – how they are working, what market activity looks like and the size of the risks they take.
Out of 102 asked, 55 participants responded to the survey. This means a response frequency of just over 50 per cent, which is somewhat lower than the previous survey from autumn 2023.

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Updated 25/04/2024