Henry Ohlsson’s mandate extended for five years

Press release The General Council of the Riksbank has decided to extend Deputy Governor Henry Ohlsson’s mandate as Executive Board member for five years as from 12 January 2021. Henry Ohlsson’s mandate will therefore run until 11 January 2026.

“Henry Ohlsson has made an excellent contribution to the work of the Riksbank over the past six years. His long academic experience and earlier research especially on the labour market, wage formation and taxes have been a major asset for the Riksbank. We are therefore very pleased that Henry Ohlsson has accepted a further mandate period to serve on the Executive Board,” Chairperson of the General Council Susanne Eberstein and Vice Chairperson Michael Lundholm said.

“I am very pleased to have been entrusted with the task of continuing my work on the Executive Board. I look forward to working on monetary policy, financial stability and payments for another five years. These are important issues not least when it comes to combating the effects of the economic crisis both in the short and the long term”, Henry Ohlsson said.

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Updated 02/10/2020