The Riksbank to buy covered bonds

The Riksbank announced on 16 and 19 March that it will extend its purchases of securities during the year by up to SEK 300 billion. The purchases will if necessary include government and municipal bonds, covered bonds and securities issued by non-financial corporations.

In light of the development of the corona pandemic, the aim of this programme is to support demand, output and employment in Sweden and provide broad support to credit supply in the Swedish economy.

On 18 March, the Riksbank purchased nominal government bonds to a nominal amount of SEK 2.5 billion. As a next step in the adopted programme, the Riksbank will on 25 March purchase covered bonds issued in Swedish kronor by Swedish institutions to a nominal amount of SEK 10 billion.

The terms and conditions for the auction will be announced no later than Monday 23 March on the Riksbank’s website,

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Updated 20/03/2020