Riksbank establishes cash depots

Press release On 28 January, the Executive Board of the Riksbank decided to establish depots at various locations in Sweden for storage as well as delivery and receipt of banknotes to and from banks. The plan is to open at least five depots, which will be situated in Stockholm, Jönköping, lower and upper Norrland and one further location in southern or central Sweden.

The depots in Stockholm, Jönköping and upper Norrland are planned to open during 2022, while the other two are expected to take longer to establish. Work is now under way to find suitable premises and to procure the depot services required.

The background to the new depot structure is the increased responsibility for cash management, which the Riksbank is proposed to receive in the new Riksbank Act, which is proposed to enter into force on 1 January 2023. The aim of the new depots is to ensure access to cash to an adequate extent throughout the whole of Sweden.

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Updated 31/01/2022