Eight monetary policy meetings a year from 2024

Press release The Executive Board has decided that with effect from 2024 they will hold eight instead of five monetary policy meetings per year. The Executive Board has also taken a decision on the meetings calendar for the full year 2024.

The number of monetary policy meetings has varied over time. The Executive Board now sees a need to increase the number of ordinary monetary policy meetings to eight per year.

“More meetings makes it easier for the Riksbank to more rapidly adapt monetary policy to the prevailing situation and communicate a coherent view on economic developments more often,” says Governor Erik Thedéen.

Holding eight monetary policy meetings is also more in line with international practice.

Four Monetary Policy Reports, four updates per year

At four of the eight monetary policy meetings, a Monetary Policy Report with forecasts including an interest rate path will be published. No new forecasts will be published at the other four meetings. An assessment of how new information affects the prospects for economic activity, inflation and monetary policy and the motives for the Executive Board’s monetary policy decisions will be presented on these occasions in a shorter document, a monetary policy update.

Similar to today, all monetary policy decisions will be followed by a press conference and publication of the meeting minutes in which the board members present their individual positions. As from next year, the minutes will be published approximately five working days after the meeting instead of approximately ten days, which is the case today. All monetary policy meetings will be preceded by what is known as a “silent” period one week beforehand.

Updated meeting calendar

The Executive Board has also decided on the meeting calendar for 2024. The decision means that the calendar for the first half of 2024 is adjusted. After the decisions on 26 March, 26 June, 24 September and 18 December, a Monetary Policy Report will be published, after the meetings on 31 January, 7 May, 19 August and 6 November, a monetary policy update will be published. The Executive Board’s monetary policy decisions will be published the day after each meeting, as normal.

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Updated 21/09/2023