New recruitment procedure initiated to replace Martin Flodén in May 2024

Press release The General Council of the Riksbank has decided to apply a new recruitment procedure when appointing the members of the Executive Board. This decision is a consequence of the new Sveriges Riksbank Act. The first time the new procedure will be applied is when a new member is to be appointed to succeed Deputy Governor Martin Flodén, whose term of office expires on 21 May 2024.

This is the first time that the new Act of 1 January 2023 has been applied when the General Council of the Riksbank is to appoint members of the Riksbank’s governing body, the Executive Board. As of this year, there shall be a recruitment profile and an advertisement as well as an open application procedure.

“One might think that we are out in good time, but it takes time to bring these recruitments to a successful conclusion. That is why we want to start work now,” say Chair of the General Council Bo Broman and Vice Chair Tomas Eneroth in a joint comment.

Martin Flodén has been Deputy Governor of the Riksbank since 2013 and was re-elected in 2018. His current term of office, which is thus Flodén’s second, expires on 21 May 2024. Under the new Sveriges Riksbank Act, a member of the Executive Board may be elected for a maximum of two terms of office.

“The General Council will start applying the new law now, and we have therefore informed Martin that we will be looking for a new member. However, we really want to emphasise that we have been extremely pleased with Martin Flodén’s work and we look forward to his participation in another 4 monetary policy meetings before the end of his term of office in six months’ time,” say Bo Broman and Tomas Eneroth.

Contact: Chair of the General Council: Bo Broman, tel. +46 73 - 883 26 71,
Deputy Chair of the General Council: Tomas Eneroth, tel. +46 76 - 721 70 93
Updated 17/11/2023