Ingves: Hearing of the Riksdag Committee on Finance on monetary policy 2017

On Thursday, the entire Executive Board of the Riksbank will participate, for the first time, in an open hearing of the Riksdag Committee on Finance on the report Account of Monetary Policy 2017. The report forms part of the material for the annual assessment of monetary policy by the Riksdag Committee on Finance.

Stefan Ingves

Date: 03/05/2018 10:00

Speaker: Governor Stefan Ingves

Place: Förstakammarsalen, the Riksdag, Stockholm

Governor Stefan Ingves will open the hearing by summarising the report. As economic development and inflation in 2017 were also affected by the monetary policy conducted in the previous years, Mr Ingves will start by putting the monetary policy conducted in its context and explaining recent years' decisions.

Target fulfilment was good over the year, with inflation of 2 per cent. The forecasts made by the Riksbank in 2016 predicted economic developments and the upturn in inflation during 2017 relatively well. It has taken a long time and powerful monetary policy for inflation and inflation expectations to rise back to 2 per cent, according to Mr Ingves. Consequently, in 2017, the Executive Board emphasised caution against the risk of once again entering a situation in which inflation and expectations fall back.

Follow the link below to see the slides Mr Ingves will use at the hearing.

Updated 03/05/2018