Ohlsson at the Riksdag Committee on Finance: A combination of measures most effective to support the economy

Governor Stefan Ingves and Deputy Governor Henry Ohlsson today took part in the year's second hearing on monetary policy at the Riksdag Committee on Finance. They commented among other things on the measures taken by the Riksbank to alleviate the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Date: 20/10/2020 10:00

Speaker: Deputy Governor Henry Ohlsson

Place: Committee on Finance, Sveriges Riksdag

Henry Ohlsson highlighted the effects of the pandemic on the economy in his introduction. As a result of the crisis, unemployment has risen rapidly both in Sweden and abroad. “We are now seeing rapid improvements in economic activity. But history has taught us that the improvement in the labour market will probably take longer,” said Mr Ohlsson. “There are now good opportunities to raise the productivity of the labour force through education and other measures to increase skills. Such measures would have long-term positive effects on both employment and inflation,” said Mr Ohlsson.

Updated 20/10/2020