Erik Thedéen visits Norrköping

Governor Erik Thedéen visited Norrköping on Tuesday and spoke about the economic situation and current monetary policy at a seminar organised by the Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden.

Date: 27/02/2024 08:00

Speaker: Governor Erik Thedéen

Place: The Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden, Norrköping

“The most recent inflation outcome does not change the picture of inflation moving in the right direction. We are on slightly firmer ground and I do not rule out the possibility of a cut in the policy rate in the first half of this year. But this assumes that the outlook for inflation remains favourable.”

This was the message from Governor Erik Thedéen when he visited Norrköping today to speak at the Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden, meet representatives from the municipality and the business community, visit companies and also the Linköping University campus in Norrköping.

“In a month’s time we will be deciding on the policy rate again. Prior to that decision, we will weigh up all the new information we receive and assess its impact on the economic outlook and inflation prospects and analyse the appropriate monetary policy stance to attain sustainable low and stable inflation."

Updated 27/02/2024