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How to search for exchange rates and interest rate listings in the Riksbank's database

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You can perform searches in the following four areas:

Date of publication

The exchange rates presented on the Riksbank's website each bank day are calculated by Nasdaq Stockholm AB and are available at approximately 12.10.

Monthly exchange rate averages are available on the last banking day of each month, and annual currency rate averages are available on the last banking day of each year, approximately 12.10.

In the case of interest rates, Riksbank rates for the current bank day are available on the same day at approximately 09.10. For Swedish market rates and international market rates, the interest rates for the current banking day are available the day after approximately 08.00.

Time interval

You can search for published exchange rates and interest rates in the database at the following time intervals: day, week, month, quarter and year.  

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If you cannot find an exchange rate

The Riksbank publishes the most common exchange rates reported by the Swedish banks to Nasdaq Stockholm AB. If you want information about an exchange rate that is not in the Riksbank's database, you can contact your commercial bank or a bureau de change for further information, or for example check the SEB Group's website

The currencies are presented in units of 1 or 100

For certain currencies in the Riksbank's database, the rate is expressed in Swedish kronor against 1 unit of the foreign currency, and for certain currencies the rate is expressed in Swedish kronor against 100 units of the foreign currency. The reason for this is simply that it is historical practice, and when exchange rates are managed in the Riksbank's database this practice is still applied. 

Currency codes

List of currency codes for the currencies published on the Riksbank's website. 

Retrieving interest rates and exchange rates via API

The Riksbank provides an API (Application Programming Interface) in the form of a SOAP-based web service that allows the automatic collection of information on interest rates and exchange rates.


If you have questions about searching for interest rates and exchange rates in the Riksbank's database, please email:


  • The Riksbank disclaims liability for any errors or changes in listings afterwards and for any interruptions in the functioning of the website that may affect access to the statistical database.
  • The Riksbank reserves the right to make updates/changes to the website that may affect the downloading of statistics.


Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates is provided by Nasdaq Stockholm AB and shall not without Nasdaq Stockholm AB´s prior written consent be used:

  1. As reference for the issuance of a financial instrument;
  2. As reference for the determination of the amount payable under a financial instrument or a financial contract;
  3. As reference by a party to a financial contract;
  4. For measuring the performance of an investment fund for the purpose of tracking the return of Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates, of defining the asset allocation of a portfolio, or of computing the performance fees;
  5. For any other purpose which may qualify Nasdaq Swedish Foreign Exchange Fixing Rates as a benchmark in accordance with regulation (EU) 2016/1011 of the European Parliament and of the European Council on indices used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts.

New API for interest rates and exchange rates under development

The Riksbank is developing a new more modern API (Application Programming Interface) with the aim of making it easier for users to automatically retrieve interest rates and exchange rates from the Riksbank. A beta version of this new REST API is now available. The Riksbank’s old SOAP API will be phased out. 


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Swedish Fixing Rates (SE STFIX)

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Table of data
Date Currencies against Swedish kronor
23/02/2023 10,4006
24/02/2023 10,4029
27/02/2023 10,4916
28/02/2023 10,3904
01/03/2023 10,4007
02/03/2023 10,4957
03/03/2023 10,4811
06/03/2023 10,4813
07/03/2023 10,4522
08/03/2023 10,7352
09/03/2023 10,6946
10/03/2023 10,7657
13/03/2023 10,6326
14/03/2023 10,6176
15/03/2023 10,412
16/03/2023 10,5545
17/03/2023 10,4552
20/03/2023 10,5265
21/03/2023 10,3501
22/03/2023 10,3499
23/03/2023 10,2535