E-krona project enters next phase

News How might an e-krona be designed? The Riksbank has examined this during the recently completed phase 2 of the e-krona project. Going forward, the focus will be on using the lessons learned from analyses and technical tests to formulate the requirements for a possible e-krona.

In the technical tests during phase 2, the Riksbank examined issues such as offline function, performance and integration of external participants, such as a bank, into the e-krona network. The conclusions reached by the project are important for the continued work on the e-krona.

“In phase 3 we will begin to formulate a basis for the requirements for an e-krona if a decision is made to issue it. All the tests, analyses and investigations carried out will form a base for this work. We will also draw on experience from the rapid international development that is now taking place in this field," says Mithra Sundberg, Head of the E-krona Division.

In addition, the project will have a dialogue with technology providers and will take input from various parties in the payment market and from the general public.

“We will also continue, to a limited extent, with some technical tests simply to learn more. We have therefore extended the agreement with Accenture as technical supplier for another year from February 2022," says Mithra Sundberg.

The conclusions from phase 2 will be presented in a report to be published in spring 2022. No decision has yet been taken on issuing an e-krona.

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Updated 22/02/2022