Riksbank investigating contractual relations with supplier

The Riksbank's HR manager has today decided to raise a matter, concerning a contractual relationship, to the Riksbank's Staff Disciplinary Board. It concerns transactions between the Riksbank and one of its contract suppliers. The background is that on 21 October 2022 the Riksbank's whistle blower function received a case regarding a departure from the Riksbank's internal rules and procedures when dealing with a contractual relationship.

The whistle blower function has subsequently requested external assistance to investigate the matter and the inquiry was received by the Riksbank on 20 March 2023. Whistle blowing is a concept that involves every employee being able to report suspected irregularities to a whistle blower function. The whistle-blowing person is covered by absolute secrecy. More information about the case can be found in the internal PM used as a basis for raising the matter with the Staff Disciplinary Board.

The Riksbank takes the information that emerges from the investigation seriously and is therefore reporting the matter to the Board for further investigation.

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Updated 21/03/2023