The Riksbank on banking concerns in the USA

Governor Erik Thedéen at the Committee on Finance on 14 March: “We are following developments in the financial markets, and we currently consider there to be no risk to financial stability in Sweden. Among other aspects, Swedish banks are subject to stricter regulatory requirements than the agents in the US that have encountered problems. Direct exposure to these agents is also limited among Swedish banks. At the same time, it is not unusual for turbulence in foreign capital markets to spill over into Sweden. We are therefore closely monitoring the situation and, as always, we are prepared to take action in the event of a rapid change”.

The Riksbank has a regular dialogue about the situation with the other members of the Financial Stability Council, but at present the assessment is that there is no risk to financial stability in Sweden.

This is part of a longer news item on the hearing in the Riksdag Committee on Finance: Hearing in the Riksdag Committee on Finance on the Riksbank’s operations and monetary policy

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Updated 15/03/2023