New Deputy Governor Anna Seim starts work today

News In September, the General Council of the Riksbank appointed Anna Seim as a new Member of the Executive Board for a term of office of 6 years, with effect from 22 May. “I hope to be able to contribute a research perspective on various issues and would like to think that I have a good understanding of the macroeconomy in general," says Ms Seim, Deputy Governor of the Riksbank.

Anna Seim joins us from the Department of Economics at Stockholm University, where she was Professor of Economics and acting director of the Department. Anna Seim has a solid academic background and in-depth insight into how central banks affect the economy. Her research has focused on, for instance, the effects of the inflation target on wage formation and other macroeconomic outcomes.

“This is an extremely important task that I approach with humility. I have always enjoyed the intersection between research and policy and am really looking forward to being involved in actually shaping monetary policy,” says Anna Seim, who will attend her first monetary policy meeting on 26 June 2024.

Anna Seim

Anna Seim, new Deputy Governor as of 22 May 2024. Photo: Rickard Kilström, Stockholm University.

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Updated 22/05/2024