Account of monetary policy

Every year, the Riksdag Committee on Finance examines and assesses the monetary policy conducted by the Riksbank during the immediately preceding years. Prior to the assessment made in the spring, the Riksbank compiles an Account of monetary policy (previously known as Material for assessing monetary policy).

The account is a basis for assessment - not an assessment in itself. On the other hand, this does not mean that it is a pure compilation of figures. The account also contains analyses of outcomes, forecasts and sequences of events. The Riksbank considers that those who assess the monetary policy should also have access to the Bank's interpretation of the material and the conclusions drawn by the Bank from the results. It is then up to the Committee on Finance, and others who wish to assess the material, to concur with the Riksbank's conclusions.

In accordance with the Sveriges Riksbank Act, this account is one of the written accounts of monetary policy that the Riksbank shall annually present to the Riksdag Committee on Finance. During the autumn, the Monetary Policy Report is submitted as an account of monetary policy.

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Updated 22/03/2024