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No. 241 Monetary Regime Change and Business Cycles

29/04/2010 -

No. 241 Monetary Regime Change and Business Cycles...

MoU on financial stability between the Nordic and Baltic countries

17/08/2010 -

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on financial stability, crisis management and crisis resolution has been signed by the ministries of finance, central…...

General Council cancels meeting

13/12/2000 -

General Council cancels meeting...

Changed terms and conditions for issues of Riksbank Certificates

10/12/2014 -

The Riksbank's operational framework for the implementation of monetary policy is designed to control the market's overnight rate by setting the conditions…...

Economic Commentary: The business survey complements other decision-making data

22/04/2015 -

In this Economic Commentary the authors show how the Riksbank's own business survey reflects the development of the economy in Sweden. They also give concrete…...

Riksbank postpones the production launch of a new technical platform for the payment system

02/10/2008 -

Riksbank postpones the production launch of a new technical platform for the payment system...

Finansiell stabilitetsrapport 2007:1

422 kB -

Financial stability report 2007:1 24 May 2007 CHAPTER 1 Financial markets Ten-year government bond rates Per cent Chart 1:1 Source: Reuters EcoWin Stock markets Index, 2 January 2002 = 100 Chart 1:2 Source: Reuters EcoWin P/E ratios Chart 1:3...

Economic Commentary: Does cash have a future as legal tender?

25/11/2014 -

Cash holds a special legal status as legal tender according to the Sveriges Riksbank Act. In practice, this means that a person making a payment has the…...

Economic Commentary: The indebtedness of Swedish households: Update for 2016

22/11/2016 -

Some of the main results are that: Household debt continues to grow faster than income. Over the last 12 months, the average debt-to-income…...

Inflation and the interest rate

15/02/1999 -

I should like to begin with a word of thanks for the invitation to talk here today about economic developments, inflation and the interest rate.Before…...