SWESTR will be published earlier in the day

News As from 2 May, the transaction-based reference rate SWESTR will be published at 09.00 instead of at 11.00. The information provided on the transaction dataset for SWESTR will also be expanded. These decisions are in line with the proposals referred for consultation by the Riksbank earlier this year.

SWESTR (Swedish krona Short Term Rate) is a reference rate calculated and published by the Riksbank. It is calculated based on transactions in Swedish kronor made on the money market at the shortest maturity, that is, overnight.

New publication times

In the future, SWESTR will be published at 09.00 on the publication date. Any corrections will be published at 12.00. Average rates and index based on SWESTR will be published at 09.05, with any corrections published at 12.05. The times will apply as from 2 May 2023.

As from 1 June 2023, the Riksbank will also publish information on a daily basis about the distribution of interest-rate levels in the transaction dataset. The information in the quarterly Report on the transaction dataset for SWESTR will also be expanded in line with the proposal referred for consultation.

The consultation bodies largely supported the Riksbank’s referred proposals. Based on the responses received, however, the deadline for reporting agents to give feedback to the Riksbank, on transactions that have flagged as potentially incorrectly reported, is postponed compared to the proposal. The deadline for feedback from reporting agents will remain 08.15.

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Updated 31/03/2023