Payments in Sweden 2019

Cash use in constant decline

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Do we have the right to pay in cash?

Published: 7 November 2019

Under the Sveriges Riksbank Act, cash is legal tender in Sweden, which means that it is to be accepted as payment everywhere. But the rule can be waived by agreement by shops, restaurants, etc., via what is known as freedom of contract. In other words, a shop can basically refuse to accept any cash at all, refuse to accept coins or certain denominations (for example 1000-krona banknotes). From a consumer perspective, it is helpful to obtain this information in advance (for example in the form of a sign on the shop door) so that they can choose if they wish to shop there or go somewhere else. However, hospital care is an exception. According to a judgement in the Supreme Administrative Court from 2015, the county council must offer patients the option of paying in cash.