Payments in Sweden 2019

Cash use in constant decline

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Do we have the right to demand cash services at banks?

Published: 7 November 2019

Freedom of contract also applies in principle to banks in relation to their customers. Here, too, the agreement can be written or verbal. It is therefore not necessarily a question of an actual written contract; it is sufficient for the bank to simply inform customers that it does not accept cash.

In the government bill Obligation for certain credit institutions to provide cash services from 26 September 2019, the government proposes legislative amendments to secure access to cash and payment services. Banks with operations in Sweden and with deposits of over SEK 70 billion, shall be given a special responsibility to ensure that there are functional cash services throughout the country. Under the proposal, Swedish banks or branches of foreign banks that supply payment accounts to consumers and companies shall provide locations for cash withdrawals and daily takings deposits to an adequate extent throughout the country. In regulations, the government shall specify what this obligation involves. If a bank does not fulfil its obligations, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen, may intervene by issuing a rectification order or financial penalty. The government proposes that the amendments shall enter into force on 1 January 2021.