What is fintech?

Fintech can be defined as financial services combined with new technological innovations. Fintech activities are foun...

Financial services combined with new technology Fintech firms adhere to traditional financial legislation The fintech sector has grown rapidly

What are cryptoassets?

Cryptoassets are a kind of digital asset. One aim of cryptoassets is to create a decentralised financial system witho...

Cryptoassets are digital assets Stablecoins are intended to maintain a stable price over time How are cryptoassets used? Cryptoassets from a Swedish perspective

Another aspect to follow – DeFi

Decentralised finance (DeFi) involves building decentralised financial services on a blockchain. The activities found...

Decentralised finance is expanding

Author: Hanna Eklööf

About the Riksbank's Staff memos

Staff memo

A Staff Memo provides members of the Riksbank’s staff with the opportunity to publish advanced analyses of relevant issues. It is a publication for civil servants that is free of policy conclusions and individual standpoints on current policy issues. Publication is approved by the appropriate Head of Department. The opinions expressed in staff memos are those of the authors and are not to be seen as the Riksbank’s standpoint.

An overview of fintech and cryptoassets

May 2022