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01/02/2018 -

We are now launching our new website, with a new appearance, updated contents and a flexible technical platform. The aim is that the website will be easy to use and you can quickly find what you are seeking.

Press & published / Notices and Press releases

Wage development has not deteriorated among those who switch jobs

20/09/2018 -

Despite strong economic activity, total wage growth has been surprisingly subdued in recent years. Historically, people who switch jobs have on average had stronger wage development than those who have not done so. The wage premium for...

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New survey data highlights company pricing

11/09/2018 -

It is difficult to gain a complete picture of the driving forces behind inflation. The results of the assessments can vary, depending on which models or statistical techniques are used To gain a better understanding of what lies behind company...

Press & published / Notices and Press releases

Historical Monetary Statistics of Sweden

18/01/2018 -

The two books, published by the Riksbank together with Ekelid Publishing House (Ekerlids Förlag AB), form part of a more comprehensive project that has previously resulted in a database of historical monetary statistics which can be found on...


Riksbank's 350th anniversary commemorated by new stamp

04/01/2018 -

PostNord is issuing two new stamps in 2018 to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Sveriges Riksbank.

Press & published / Notices and Press releases

Minutes of the Executive Board's monetary policy meetings

11/01/2018 -

For the meetings designated as monetary policy meetings, that is to say, when the repo rate is set, monetary policy minutes are taken, which include an account of the discussion preceding the decision. The date for the publication of these minutes...

Press & published

Minutes from the Financial Stability Council meeting on 12 June 2018

18/06/2018 -

Representatives for the Swedish Government, Finansinspektionen, Sveriges Riksbank and the Swedish National Debt Office met on 12 June to discuss the general stability situation, the need for analyses and possible measures, as well as upcoming...

Press & published / Notices and Press releases

Consultations responses

11/01/2018 -

From time to time, the Riksbank publishes different policy statements in matters related to financial and monetary issues, e.g. in reaction to official Swedish public inquiries and to different international consultation papers. Comments on...

Press & published

Press Contact

11/01/2018 -

The Riksbank’s press office can be contacted around the clock on +46-(0)8-787 0200.

Press & published

William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences for 2018

08/10/2018 -

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2018 to William D. Nordhaus, Yale University, New Haven, USA and Paul M. Romer, NYU Stern School of Business,...

Press & published / Notices and Press releases