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Urban Bäckström becomes Governor of the Riksbank

07/02/2018 -

By the time Urban Bäckström becomes Governor of the Riksbank, the financial system has started to recover from the financial crisis. The Riksbank becomes formally independent. Sweden joins the EU and preparations for the possibility of joining...

About the Riksbank / History

The interest rate coup

07/02/2018 -

Without informing the Government in advance, the Riksbank raises the repo rate by an entire percentage point, from 4 to 5 per cent. The decision leads to heated political debate but marks the end of the low interest rate policy. ...

About the Riksbank / History

The November Revolution

07/02/2018 -

The internationalisation of the financial market leads increasing numbers of countries to soften up their financial market regulation in the 1970s and 1980s. Sweden resists long, but starts to dismantle regulation in 1985.

About the Riksbank / History

The Riksbank sets an inflation target

07/02/2018 -

With a floating exchange rate, price stability becomes the overall target for monetary policy. The Riksbank specifies the target at 2 per cent inflation with a tolerance band of +/- 1 percentage point.

About the Riksbank / History


13/01/2018 -

Currency CurrencyCountryDenominationsComment ATS Austria shilling Discontinued 02/28/2002 AUD Australia dollar   BEF Belgien franc Discontinued 02/28/2002 BRL Brazil real   CAD Canada dollar   CHF Switzerland franc  ...

Statistics / Search interest & exchange rates

Statistics on payments in RIX

20/12/2017 -

Here you can find payment statistics for payments in the RIX system (the central system for large value payments in Sweden) from 2015.

Statistics / Payments, notes & coins


05/06/2018 -

Calendar event from Sveriges Riksbank Calendar event from Sveriges Riksbank as a RSS feed.

Securities statistics

10/01/2018 -

On behalf of the Riksbank, Statistics Sweden (SCB) will publish monthly statistics on Swedish issuers' securities borrowing, starting on April 2013.


We start using decimals

07/02/2018 -

The decimal system is introduced for coins and we get one coin system instead of two parallel ones. Instead of riksdaler banco and riksdaler riksgälds, we get riksdaler riksmynt, which are divided into 100 öre. ...

About the Riksbank / History

Per Jansson

12/01/2018 -

International assignments EU Economic and Financial Committee (EFC) IMF issues CV Download the CV of Per Jansson.  Speech Visit Speeches and presentations to show all speeches of Per Jansson.

About the Riksbank / Organisation