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Minutes from the Financial Stability Council meeting on 12 June 2018

18/06/2018 -

Representatives for the Swedish Government, Finansinspektionen, Sveriges Riksbank and the Swedish National Debt Office met on 12 June to discuss the general stability situation, the need for analyses and possible measures, as well as upcoming...

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Five monetary policy meetings per year

25/06/2019 -

The Executive Board has decided to hold five ordinary meetings per year, at which monetary policy is decided, instead of six. This will apply with effect from 2020. The Executive Board has also taken a decision on the meeting calendar for the...

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The Riksbank's survey of turnover in the Swedish foreign exchange and derivatives market

16/09/2019 -

Turnover on the foreign exchange market in Sweden remains largely unchanged relative to 2016. During the same period, the turnover interest rate derivatives declined significantly. This was observed in the survey of turnover in the Swedish...

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Ingves: Resilience to cyber attacks must be strengthened further

28/11/2019 -

The Riksbank, in cooperation with the other Nordic central banks, is today arranging a conference on cyber security in the financial sector. This is the third of a series of annual conferences arranged by the Nordic central banks. Governor...

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Proposed new Sveriges Riksbank Act

29/11/2019 -

The Riksbank Committee has submitted its final report “En ny riksbankslag” (A new Sveriges Riksbank Act) to Minister for Financial Markets Per Bolund. The Committee was instructed to conduct a review of the monetary policy framework and the...

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Government inquiry into the digital payment market

07/11/2019 -

The Riksbank has submitted a proposal to the Riksdag to review the state’s role on the digital payment market. The Riksbank proposes a committee be appointed to investigate whether the Riksbank should have the possibility to issue an e-krona and...

Payments & cash / Payments Report

Cash use in constant decline

07/11/2019 -

Swedes pay less and less frequently in cash and more and more shops and restaurants are no longer accepting it. The trend in Sweden differs from that in other countries. It means that some groups are finding it increasingly difficult to pay.

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Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting held on 16 March 2020

26/03/2020 -

An extraordinary monetary policy meeting was held on 16 March on account of the corona pandemic.

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The Riksbank to increase asset purchases and take measures to facilitate credit supply

16/03/2020 -

To support economic developments and avoid problems in credit supply further exacerbating the economic consequences of the pandemic, the Executive Board has decided on a package of measures. The Riksbank is offering increased loans to banks on...

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Swedish banknotes and coins – the Riksbank's new responsibility for cash handling

29/10/2020 -

According to the proposed new Sveriges Riksbank Act, the Riksbank will have greater and clearer responsibility for cash handling in society. As it is becoming less and less profitable to transport cash, the Riksbank may need to build up more...

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