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New issue of the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review

17/09/2018 -

2018’s second edition of the Economic Review covers both broad and more specific issues relevant to the Riksbank. Two articles have been written by former and current advisers to the Riksbank and discuss the Riksbank’s 350-year history and the...

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De La Rue becomes the Riksbank's new banknote supplier

19/09/2018 -

The Riksbank has signed an agreement with the British banknote manufacturer De La Rue on printing Swedish banknotes. The contract is valid for just over three years, with the possibility to extend it for another four years. De La Rue is one of...

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Wage development has not deteriorated among those who switch jobs

20/09/2018 -

Despite strong economic activity, total wage growth has been surprisingly subdued in recent years. Historically, people who switch jobs have on average had stronger wage development than those who have not done so. The wage premium for...

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Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting held on 5 September 2018

17/09/2018 -

At the Monetary Policy Meeting on 5 September 2018, the Executive Board of the Riksbank decided to hold the repo rate unchanged at −0.50 per cent. The forecast for the repo rate indicates that it will also be held unchanged at the monetary...

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New survey data highlights company pricing

11/09/2018 -

It is difficult to gain a complete picture of the driving forces behind inflation. The results of the assessments can vary, depending on which models or statistical techniques are used To gain a better understanding of what lies behind company...

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Account of Monetary Policy 2020 – Most important task: to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus crisis on the economy

24/03/2021 -

2020 was an unusual year in many ways. The coronavirus pandemic completely changed the economic prospects. GDP plummeted and the conditions for attaining the inflation target during the year were radically altered. Governments and central banks...

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Ingves and Jansson at the Riksdag Committee on Finance: Monetary policy supporting recovery and inflation

16/03/2021 -

The Swedish economy has withstood the second wave of infection relatively well, supported by extensive economic policy measures. This comment was made by Governor Stefan Ingves in his introduction, when he and Deputy Governor Per Jansson took...

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Watch out for fake 500-krona banknotes

12/03/2021 -

The number of police reports concerning counterfeit 500-krona banknotes has increased sharply. The counterfeits are often of low quality and there are several simple ways of checking that a banknote is genuine.

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Plan for harmonising the Swedish securities market’s post-trade processes

05/02/2021 -

The Swedish securities market’s processes in post trade are to be harmonised with European standards. This means that the differences between Swedish and European processes will be reduced. A new cooperation forum, the Coordination Forum for...

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Riksbank publishes the IMF’s report on Sweden’s economy

02/02/2021 -

A delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today completes its annual visit to Sweden. The visit forms part of the regular consultations that the IMF has with its member countries, the so-called Article IV consultations. This year,...

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