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The Riksbank and the ECB are continuing their joint study on instant cross-border payments

23/06/2021 -

The ECB and the Riksbank are now proceeding further with their study of the potential to use the ECB's TIPS platform to implement instant payments between European currencies, such as the krona and the euro. The next step is to study the legal...

Press & published / Notices and Press releases

Meeting of the Executive Board of the Riksbank

14/07/2021 -

Meeting of the Executive Board of the Riksbank...

Press & published / Calendar

Monetary policy meeting 3

14/07/2021 -

Executive Board meeting, monetary policy meeting no. 3...

Press & published / Calendar

Monetary Policy Report, June 2022 will be published

14/07/2021 -

The Executive Board's interest rate decision will be published, together with the Monetary Policy Report. The decision on the policy rate will apply from 6 July 2022.

Press & published / Calendar

Publication of the minutes from the monetary policy meeting

14/07/2021 -

The minutes from the Executive Board's monetary policy discussion on 29 June 2022 will be published.

Press & published / Calendar

Skingsley: Adapting to new conditions - monetary policy freedom with responsibility

20/05/2021 -

“The outbreak of the pandemic shows the importance of having room for manoeuvre. The freedom to choose our tools and implement them quickly has been an entirely decisive factor over the past year. Without this freedom, we would not have been able...

Press & published / Speeches and presentations

Ingves: New financial environment - how is the Riksbank meeting the new challenges?

21/05/2021 -

Governor Stefan Ingves discusses the Riksbank’s three main business areas – payments, monetary policy and financial stability. In the public debate, there is often a tendency to focus on one area at a time. But the different areas are dependent...

Press & published / Calendar

Ingves at the Riksdag Committee on Finance: Hearing regarding Account of Monetary Policy 2020

04/05/2021 -

2020 was an unusual year in many respects. This also includes the Riksbank’s monetary policy. Normally, the Executive Board takes monetary policy decisions five times a year. During 2020, decisions were taken on more than 21 different occasions.

Press & published / Speeches and presentations

Skingsley on developments in the summer: Strong recovery with weak inflationary pressures

31/08/2021 -

“We have had a high pressure summer not only with regard to weather, but also the economy.” This comment was made by First Deputy Governor Cecilia Skingsley when she opened Danske Bank’s Group Treasurer seminar with a summary of economic...

Press & published / Speeches and presentations

Harmonisation of the financial infrastructure

23/09/2021 -

Many actors in the financial system conduct business in several different countries. It is therefore an advantage if the processes for payments and securities transactions are similar, regardless of which country they concern, as one then does...

Financial stability / The financial system