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Monetary Policy Update 2008:2

244 kB -

Monetary Policy Update 2008:2 Repo rate raised to 4.75 per cent Repo rate will remain at same level during the year It may be necessary to reduce the rate in 2009 To attain the inflation target of two per cent Repo rate raised Inflation is high...

Workshop on exchange rate determination

10/11/2006 -

The Riksbank is today organizing a workshop on exchange rate determination. One year ago the Riksbank initiated cooperation with a number of external researchers…...

Bank lending rates lowered 0.2 percentage points, deposit rates unchanged

30/11/1998 -

The Riksbank's survey of banks and housing intermediaries shows that at 6.4 per cent on 30 September, the average level of bank lending rates had been…...

Rosenberg: The objective of monetary policy

14/02/2006 -

Rosenberg: The objective of monetary policy...

Repo rate cut to 0.25 per cent

137 kB -

PRESS RELEASE DATE 2 July 2009 NO. 67 CONTACT Press office, tel. +46-(0)8-787 0200 SVERIGES RIKSBANK SE-103 37 Stockholm (Brunkebergstorg 11) Tel +46 8 787 00 00 Fax +46 8 21 05 31 1 [3] Repo rate cut to...

Bergström: Does globalisation have anything to do with the closing down of the ATM?

11/02/2002 -

Globalisation is an unclear concept and I think that the chairman of Pappers avdelning 111, Lars Göran Johansson, who invited me to this meeting, gave…...

Microsoft Word - Beslutsunderlag Tidplan för utbytet av sedlar och mynt ENG

351 kB -

2 PM SVERIGES RIKSBANK SE-103 37 Stockholm (Brunkebergstorg 11) Tel +46 8 787 00 00 Fax +46 8 21 05 31 DATUM: 2012-05-11 AVDELNING: ADM HANDLÄGGARE: Leif Jacobsson SÄKERHETSKLASS: Ö P P E N DNR 2008-286-ADM...

Four important focus areas for the retail payment market

05/06/2013 -

Four focus areas Cash Cash usage continues to decline. Nevertheless, the Riksbank deems that cash will remain as a means of payment over the foreseeable…...