Documentation concerning the implementation of RIX-INST

Within the project for implementation of the new RIX-INST service, the Riksbank is compiling documentation (RIX-INST Instructions) that describes how the service works and what is required for a participant to be able to connect to the service.

The Instructions for RIX-INST contain references to other documents published by the Riksbank or the Eurosystem, the Riksbank’s provider of the technical platform (TIPS) used by RIX-INST. In addition to these documents, the list of documents from the project also include the message scheme (xsd) and example messages (xml). The example messages shall only be regarded as examples and do not cover all feasible situations.

The documents on this page are not complete for the implementation of RIX-INST but will be adjusted and supplemented as the project progresses.

The project is also drafting terms and conditions for participation in RIX-INST in an updated version of Terms and Conditions for RIX and Monetary Policy Instruments. These amendments will be published on the Riksbank’s website later in 2021.

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Updated 01/04/2021