Payments in Sweden 2020

Are payments in Sweden efficient?

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Important to maintain non-digital means of payment

Published: 29 October 2020

Cash services are being automated to an increasing degree. Manual cash services, in which cash can be withdrawn and deposited over the counter, are becoming increasingly rare at banks. Automated cash services work well for most consumers but for those who need or want to use manual services, this development is problematic. Bank branches offer a protected environment and some consumers appreciate not having to feel exposed to risks when using ATMs in public environments. It is particularly difficult for consumers to use coins (see Cash free – not problem-free).

Paper-based credit transfers, where payment instructions are sent in by post, are another service where the number of payments is decreasing. At the same time, this service is important for those without access to digital technology or who find it difficult to use it for other reasons. Even though the digitalisation of society has come far and is continuing at a rapid pace, it is important for a smoothly functioning payment market that the supply of manual services and postal-based services is maintained.