Payments in Sweden 2020

Are payments in Sweden secure?

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Money and the institutions handling payments must be secure

Published: 29 October 2020

Several things are needed for payments to be secure. Firstly, money must maintain its value over time. Secondly, the institutions that handle our money and payments must be secure. Thirdly, the financial infrastructure, which is to say the technical systems used to mediate payments, must be secure.

The Riksbank’s inflation target ensures that the Swedish krona keeps its value over time. Finansinspektionen (the Swedish financial supervisory authority), the Riksbank and other authorities work to ensure that the credit institutions, including banks, and the infrastructure that handles our money and payments are secure. The deposit guarantee means that private individuals with money in institutions covered by the deposit guarantee receive compensation from the state (up to SEK 950,000 per person and institution) if the institution enters bankruptcy or if Finansinspektionen decides that the deposit guarantee is to be applied.