Payments Report 2022

The Riksbank contributes to increased resilience

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New structure for civil contingency planning

Published: 15 December 2022

As the geopolitical situation in Europe has deteriorated, the Government and other public authorities have been working to strengthen civil defence. On 18 May, the Government presented a reform for civil contingency planning that will strengthen Sweden’s resilience. Among other things, government agencies under the government will be divided into ten civil contingency sectors. As an authority under the Riksdag, the Riksbank is not covered by the new structure.

Finansinspektionen is the authority with sectoral responsibility for the contingency planning sector Financial services, which includes payment intermediation, financing and savings, financial stability and insurance. The contingency planning sector must have coherent plans for peacetime crisis situations and heightened alert. This could mean that a financial company is affected by measures taken by both the Riksbank and Finansinspektionen. The Riksbank is working to clarify how the Riksbank will relate to both the new structure for civil contingency planning and the division of responsibilities between the Riksbank and Finansinspektionen in the area of payments.