Hanna Armelius

Hanna Armelius

Senior advisor

Payments Department
Analysis and Policy Division
Sveriges Riksbank
SE-103 37 Stockholm, Sweden


Central bank digital currency (CBDC), international macro and monetary policy

Short bio

Hanna obtained her Ph.D. in economics at the Uppsala University in 2004. She joined the Payments Department at the Riksbank in 2018. Prior to that she has worked at the Ministry of Finance and the Monetary Policy Department of the Riksbank. Her main research areas are central bank digital currency (CBDC), international macro and monetary policy.

Publications in refereed journals

“Spread the Word: International Spillovers from Central Bank Communication” (with Christoph Bertsch, Isaiah Hull and Xin Zhang). Journal of International Money and Finance (forthcoming).

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“An Integrated Approach to Urban Road Pricing”. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. 2005 39:1.

Other publications

“The e-krona and the macro economy” (with Carl Andreas Claussen, Paola Boel and Marianne Nessén). Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review 2018:3.

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