Anna Grodecka-Messi

Anna Grodecka-Messi

Senior Ekonom

Avdelningen för penningpolitik
Sveriges Riksbank
103 37 Stockholm



Macroeconomics, banking, economic history


Ph.D., Economics, Bonn Graduate School of Economics/The Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn, 2015

M.Sc., Finance, Warsaw School of Economics, 2010
Dipl. -Kff., Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, 2010

Short bio

Anna joined the Research Division in September 2021. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Bonn, a Master’s degree from the Warsaw School of Economics and a Diploma from the University of Mainz. Prior to joining the Research Division, Anna worked at Lund University and in the Financial Stability Department of the Riksbank.
Anna’s research interest include macroeconomics, banking, economic history and household finance. She is a passionate economics teacher and supervisor with extensive teaching experience gathered at several international universities.
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Publications in refereed journals:

Andersen, T. M., Bhattacharya, J., Grodecka-Messi, A., Mann, K. (2024), “Pension reform and wealth inequality: Theory and evidence”, European Economic Review, Volume 165, 2024, 104746.

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Grodecka, A. (2020), "On the Effectiveness of Loan to-Value Regulation in a Multiconstraint Framework", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 52: 1231-1270.

Grodecka-Messi, A. (2019), "Subprime Borrowers, Securitization and the Transmission of Business Cycles", Canadian Journal of Economics, Volume 52, No. 4, November.

Grodecka, A., Markowski, M. (2017), "Banknotes as a Symbol of Economic and National Power. A Case Study of German, French and Italian Banknotes in the 19th and First Half of the 20th Century", Bankhistorisches Archiv. Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective, Jahrgang 41, 2015, Heft 1-2.

Other publications: